Our company is Established in year 2001, Corporate office is situated in Goregoan Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Our company is specialized in producing the high pressure and efficiency Side channel blowers, Ring Blowers, Turbine Blowers, Regenerative Blowers,Twin lobe blowers, Centrifugal blowers and Precision High vacuum pump. The products sell to the domestic and overseas market in great numbers. It gets the high reputation. Supply falls short to demand. It determines to increase the productive capacity in order to meet the domestic requirement, export more to the global markets, further enhance the craft and technological standards because of the prosperous development in the world’s industries. Under the icon effect of being favored by the customers and leading professional technology,

The company has developed the Side channel Blower and Ring blower products that absolutely has the same quality as the famous brands such as Rietschle, Elmog, FPZ, Elector, Busch.. etc, And offer the more competitive price compared with the international brand for serving the vast majority of customers.

Side channel high pressure Air Ring blowers is the machine that is widely  demanded and used by the production and manufacturing industry, such as the blow of the powder and granules, suction conveying,  liquid agitation, bottle packing, combustion, air supply to the aquatics, Aquaculture, Aquaphonics, cooling of the radiation equipments and the environments in the manufacture industries. Because negative pressure exists in the entry of the high pressure current and the lower part of the air stream, therefore it can also be used for the suction application. As far as the industry is concerned, there are many fields such as the Plastic, Pharma, Metal, Chemical, Mining industry, Food Industry, Agriculture, Fish Farming, Medicare, Filling, Printing, Packing, and so on. Greatly demand high-pressure blowers.

Generally air blower is divided in to axial flow and centrifugal type. Regarding the axial flow, it is like place a fan in a tube. It has low blast and pressure. The centrifugal type is divided in to smooth flow and vortex type. Vortex blower can produce the high wind pressure. The company is specialized in researching in to, developing, producing the centrifugal type side duct vortex high pressure blowers. We possess engineers and the technicians with the superb techniques.  It is divided in to Blower R & D, Production Dept, Twin lobe R & D, Production Dept., Vacuum pump R & D, Production Dept. It has all the advanced and necessary Lathes, Driller, Broacher, Dinamic balancing machine, constant temperature oven etc. Furthermore it is allocated with the extremely precise measuring instruments, the electric tester, and blast pressure testing apparatus. It is especially different from the traditional departments such as the business, production etc.

Our quality guarantee department is a unique unit that takes the inspection for all the parts whether the self-manufacturing parts or the purchased parts. All the final products pass the testing to various functions, safety, packaging before going to the warehouses in order to ensure that every product reaches the acme of perfection,  thus giving the users the maximum reliability. It greatly guarantees the quality and security. The productive capacity totals to 100 sets of various models every months.

Today, science and Technology brings about new changes at every passing day. Stand still means set back. Move forward or you’ll fall behind. We constantly upgrade the products at great numbers. The colleagues of our company dare not to be proud. On the contrary, we often ask for directions at any times. Welcome the honored guests come to visit us or call us  and favour us with your instructions. 

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