Side Channel Blowers
Turbo Die cast Aluminium side channel blowers are robust units used for versatile applications.
Turbo Side channel blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring considerately higher pressure and tough vacuum. The rotating parts of the blower are not in contact with the casing, there is therefore no friction during operation and thus no internal lubrication is neccesary. The air moving through the machine therefore remains uncontaminated and completely oil free.
These blowers stand out for their durability, due to the robust aluminium design, which makes them highly resistant against corrosion.

Equipped with low-noise, high-efficiency IP55 induction- 50Hz/60Hz Voltage range motor and specially designed Silencer, all blower series feature quiet operation.

Mechanism Features:
Three-dimensional blower impellers rotation enables the air between blades to accelerate along the radius direction. The air is forced to return back to the base of the impeller due to pressure difference, throwing it outward and forward through a spiral path. This action is repeated many times and causes the air to gain pressure, until it reaches the outlet port of the housing. The air is expelled from the impeller and discharged from the blower through the outlet.

Longer operation life:
External bearing design allows bearings to operate in low temperature, features quick heat dissipation and uniform loading capacity. Lubrication oil is more durable and makes maintenance an easy job.

Installation Easy:
The base of all blower models is made with flexible steel plates that feature shock absorption. Fastened with screws. The bases can also be fixed through the screw holes on the front cover, enabling either vertical or horizontal installation as required.

Long time operation:
Made of aluminium alloy, all the TURBO blowers are lightweight and excellent in heat dissipation, thus allowing long time operation even under ambient temperatures reaching 40oC; insulation class F and H ensures better reliability.

Fully closed unit:
Multi-layer shaft seals are used to thoroughly separate motor coil from blower body, ensures excellent performance and prevents motor from damage.
The use of Turbo side channel blowers is common in machine-building as high pressure ventilator, vacuum pump, air pump, booster, low pressure compressor and oil-free compressor. The applications are unlimited like aireating, dust cleaning, vacuum lifting, vacuum tables, blowing off, pneumatic transport, cooling and vacuum molding.

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